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​Our high-reach purified water system allows for the cleaning of windows often neglected by conventional window cleaning companies. Ladders cause irrepairable damage to wooden cladding, and roof ladders can cause damage to roof tiles upon contact.


Snow Fox Ceaning use the latest water fed pole technology which gives access to the exterior windows of chalets and apartments on multiple levels and buildings that feature large expanses of glass.


Selling your property?


Windows add character to your home and business. They are our eyes to the outside world and our mountain environment. Why not have a environemntally friendly clean of your windows before viewings?


Property Developers


As your clients demand a modern twist on the classic Haute Savoie style, and developments utilise more glass, why not use Snow Fox Cleaning to leave a sparkling shine on those windows?



Property Management


Snow Fox Cleaning provide our Clients with property management and concierge services. From a simple chalet or apartment clean, including linen; To the procurement of local services.


A holiday home in the alps, or a weekend retreat often means that your property is left unattended for prolonged periods of time. Snow Fox Cleaning also offer a fully insured key-holding service


For a free no obligation quote, and to discuss our full range of service, please get in touch.





Solar Panels​ and Solar Tiles


Solar panels are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. They harness the suns energy by using photovoltaic cells and convert them into clean electricity.


Over time, solar panels become covered in naturally occuring particles and pollution, which effects their efficiency. losing up to 25% of their capacity.


Solar panels need to be cleaned on an a regular basis in order to maintain their efficiency.



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